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Jen Murnaghan, Digital Dandy – Hobart

Jen Murnaghan, Digital Dandy – Hobart

Before the pandemic, Jen Murnaghan’s husband worked long hours while she had flexibility. Now Jen is extremely busy as Digital Dandy, coaching businesses to get online, and her husband’s life has calmed a bit. He’s spending this time at home with their two boys.

Jen has been inundated with requests for help. If you’re a part of the Tasmanian Government’s Digital Ready program, perhaps you’ve seen Jen recently – on a screen.

“I think about 90% of my day is spent using videoconferencing now,” she says. “I have noticed many benefits but only because I am working one-on-one with my client. I have started an interview series, something I have wanted to do for a long time but with the advent of working in isolation I seem to be able to get these things done – the irony!”

Among other ironies, the pandemic has pushed Jen to be more – not less – connected to her community.

“My work in the online space has given me the tools to stay connected so I will continue to help others find their voice,” she says. “I plan to deepen my support of the arts in Tasmania and I will continue to look at ways we can deepen the importance of creativity within community, helping artists, musicians, designers, and creatives get back on their feet. They are such an undervalued but critical part of the overall Tasmanian framework.”

Jen feels lucky to be able to do meaningful work, to help, at a time when so many in Tasmania’s small business community desperately need it. “It’s all about the people,” she says. “When I get the chance to be creative and explore new ideas with businesses, see their eyes light up and their energy restored, that makes everything worthwhile. Building confidence and seeing people flourish. There is nothing better.”

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