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I have been working as a Health & Wellbeing Coaching Professional since 2010 and I know that the quality of your thoughts, feelings and actions significantly contribute to your life satisfaction; to you being well and being. I specialise in coaching people go beyond the problems of today by exploring their deeper patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions – the loop, the hamster wheel you feel you’re stuck within: we’ll move you off it.

I provide a client-led approach to knowing you and being you, and offer a variety of coaching services; maybe you’re in a COVID -19 induced flight or fright situation and wanting an immediate path forward, or you feel there are things a little deeper inside driving your thoughts, habits and actions and now is the time to address them, the root cause.  We will bypass your status quo, your “yes, but…” statements and by adopting a mindful approach we will get to the heart of your matter – you can be the constant in this quickly changing environment.

You are the result of all the previous pictures you have painted, and here is your invitation to paint a new one by commencing as you mean to continue. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to working alongside you. Get in touch to learn more.    

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