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We welcome you to our shack at Greens Beach and hope the view, fresh clean sea air and tranquility, will combine to give you a sense of inner calm.

Watch the sunrise from the comfy king bed, walk the beach, relax on the deck or cosy up with the wood fire burning and watch a movie.

TheZenShack is pet friendly and there is a spacious, well fenced yard to keep them safe.

You will have enough service on your phone to keep in contact with the demands of a hectic life, but we encourage you to step back from social media and practice a little mindfulness; close your eyes, listen to the ocean, feel the warmth from the sun on your face, or the exhilarating sea breeze in your hair, breathe deep and smell the ocean air, take in those good oxygen atoms rich in negative ions that will calm your soul and soothe your inner critic.

Listen to the ebb and flow of the surf, watch the superb blue ocean and shifting skies, it can alter your brain waves’ frequency, inducing a mild meditative state – surrender to this and reap the benefits of physical and mental well being.  Slow down, relax, submit to the peacefulness and become more engaged.  There’s nothing better than a good dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’ and you will find plenty of that – for free.