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Launceston’s ONLY Specialist Running Store.

 The Running Company Launceston uses Gait Analysis to take the guesswork out of buying shoes. So what is gait analysis? At The Running Company we get you to run or walk barefoot on our treadmill whilst we video the way your feet strike the ground. Everyone’s feet, ankles and legs handle the forces created when your foot strikes the ground in different ways. It is only when the footage is watched back in slow motion that we can see how much you “pronate” and then we can recommend which style of running or walking shoe is going to give your feet the RIGHT amount of support. Our shoes are divided up into the major categories of Barefoot, Neutral, Mild Support, Moderate Support and Motion Control. Buying shoes with too little or too much support for your personal style can lead to acute and chronic injuries as well as pain and discomfort. Without using gait analysis there is really no way of telling how much support you need and therefore which category of shoe would be best for you. 

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