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Tasmanian Tonic Company

Respect Your Gin

The Tasmanian Tonic Company was born of a desire to complement the experience of fine Australian spirits, particularly gin; to provide a range of uniquely Tasmanian flavours that enhance the spirit.

Our sophisticated tonic syrups allow the spirit to be at the forefront. They are very low in sugar, contain naturally derived quinine (direct from cinchona bark) and utilise singular Tasmanian botanical flavours to open your palette and enhance the spirit.

For tonic water, our syrups are mixed with soda water to your taste (start at 1 part syrup to 10 parts soda). Each 300ml bottle will yield 3.3 litres of tonic water, meaning it is always fresh and bubbly – and without so much packaging.

Our range includes Mediterranean (lemon and lime), Pepper Berry, Leatherwood Honey and Smoked Eucalyptus.


Mediterranean Tonic is our lightest and most traditional citrus driven tonic. If the botanicals in your spirit are fine and delicate, this Mediterranean Tonic is for you.


Pepper Berry Tonic will complement savoury spirits; if spices are the primary botanical in your spirit, this subtle native Tasmanian Pepper Berry Tonic is for you.


Leatherwood Honey Tonic Water Syrup will complement floral spirits; if the botanicals in your spirit are primarily herbal or you’re enjoying an ocean gin, this native Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Tonic is for you.


Smoked Eucalyptus will complement bold spirits; if you are enjoying a robust spirit (Navy Strength gin, vodka, rum, tequila), this Smoked Tasmanian Bluegum Tonic is for you.