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The Tasmanian Psychic Expos were founded in 1995 by Dr Jason Betts and remains Tasmania’s oldest, premier and the most-trusted psychic and new-age events in Tasmania, showcasing Tasmania’s best and award-winning psychics, therapists, practitioners, group leaders, occultists and associated retail outlets. We also have an online psychic telephony service, started in 2010, with our tried, tested and true psychic readers.  

Jason is also Australia’s most famous, recognised and awarded psychic and reiki sensei, with classes 12 classes annually in Tasmania and 6 classes annually nationwide and in Germany. He is Australia’s most accurate and decorated psychic, famous for not asking questions and reading the minds and memories of his clients performing before live audiences at shows, expos, reiki classes and personal sessions. His published predictions in The Mercury, The Examiner and The Advocate have all proven 100% correct.

Jason is a member of Australian Mensa (entry IQ 130), the Triple Nine Society (entry IQ 146), the Prometheus Society (entry IQ 160) and is founding Editor/Publisher of The World Genius Directory, www.psiq.org. His IQ high-range tests are the most accurate in the world. He wrote the admission IQ tests for the Warner Bros SBS TV Australian TV show Child Genius in 2018 and 2019, correctly predicting the winners.

To add fame to fortune, the Rev Dr Jason Betts is the Abbot of the Tasmanian Order of the Mystic Rose, a non-financial non-profit association celebrating births, marriages, deaths and those graduating from Dr Jason’s College of Magical Mechanics (est 1990) with Diplomas of Reiki, Metaphysics and Metaphysical Counselling. His life purpose is ‘to teach, help and heal. Jason welcomes all calls on 03 6249 8484 at any time. Specifically, he is looking to work on awakening comatose patients for no financial return.

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