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Pure sea salt harvested from the crystal clear waters of the east coast of Tasmania. 

Tasman Sea Salt harvests 100% natural, unrefined sea salt flakes from the pristine Tasmanian seas. Tasmania is renowned for having the purest air and water in the world, making it the perfect place to produce Australia’s first cool climate gourmet sea salt. Infused by its natural environment, Tasman Sea Salt is a bright white sea salt flake with an incredible depth of flavour.

As well as their signature Natural Flakes, Tasman Sea Salt offers a range of uniquely Tamanian salts and salt mixes, forged from locally found and foraged ingredients including native pepper berry and wakame seaweed. Containing an abundance of naturally occurring sea minerals and nutrients, Tasman Sea Salt is ideal for all gourmet food lovers or perfect for those wanting a seasoning sensation that’s truly exceptional. Tasman Sea Salt harnesses naturally occurring solar and thermal energy in its production process to minimise the impact on its pristine surrounds and remain true to the business’ core value of creating an environmentally sustainable business.