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Spring Bay on Tasmania’s pristine east coast is situated on latitude minus 42.5 degrees south.  Spring Bay’s cool temperate coastal environment produces some of Australia’s finest seafood and cool climate wines.   A perfect place to mature whisky, and for that whisky to take on the briny characteristics of its home.  The influence of Spring Bay’s ‘terroir’ occurs mainly through the water used in the distillery.  The location of the distillery is less than 500 metres from Spring Bay.  Most afternoons sea mist drifts up the valley and falls on the roof of the distillery.  This sea salt is then washed by the rain into stainless steel rainwater tanks, then makes its way through a charcoal filtration system removing all contaminants except this small amount of sea salt.  This sea salt influenced rainwater is beautifully soft and sweet rather than salty.  This sweet water is used for cutting back the spirit to its desired bottling strength.   This is what makes Spring Bay spirits uniquely Tasmanian.