We encourage all businesses listed on Buy Something Tasmanian to follow the latest COVID-19 advice and restrictions.
Check here for up-to-date information on COVID-19 in Tasmania.

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  • Our events will be up and running again as restrictions are removed and we will set our venues to comply with whatever recommendations are in place at the time. Facebook and your local paper will be our way of letting you know when we will be in a town near you.

We are Tasmanian based, passionate about empowering individuals and families through education about working with Life Force Energy. Several times a year we travel around Tasmania offering our services to communities.

Consultation and education are the main tools we use to help people access more energy each day, and how to clear personal/environmental blockages. We teach you how to work with your personal energy, how to cleanse it and maintain it. We offer strategies for taking control of your thinking so it helps you instead of hindering you. We offer ways to take control of your thinking to avoid depression and anxiety.

Spirit of Mandala offers Reiki activation workshops, private mentoring sessions, in-home Feng Shui consultations and guest speaking by request. Our online store offers a variety of useful and relevant products for working with your energy.