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Taoist Abdominal Massage & Shiatsu Massage

Taoist Abdominal Massage & Shiatsu Acupressure Massage are a deeply healing medicinal massage, steeped in Japanese healing wisdom. These treatments consists of a Japanese hara (tummy) diagnosis and palpation, a pulse and face diagnosis and a thorough wholebody treatment. Shiatsu Massage is a deeply restorative and balancing reflexology treatment using the practitioner’s hands, fingers, and elbows. There are stretches as part of the treatment, and corrective exercises may be advised post-treatment.

Taoist Abdominal Massage is a slightly different massage in that it heals a deeper aspect of the mind called the Tao! Incredible for mental resilience!


Mental Healing
Relieving pain & stress, relaxed and calm.
Clean & restore glands, lymph, blood, muscle, joints, organs & mind
Alleviate & heal sinus
Heal fatigue, increase vitality & stamina by restoring energy reserves and metabolise fat
Promotes deep circulation, strength, and flexibility & aides in waste elimination.
Spiritual healing through Ki/Qi, an internal light with an incredible spectrum remarkable for healing!
Treating joint/back/knee/arm/finger pain
Heal Digestive Disorders, Constipation, Crohns, IBS, SIBO, Diverticulitis, Food sensitivities, Toxicity
Hormonal regulation, menstrual cramps, reproductive/sexual health
Heal Headaches, Migraine
Heal Depression, Anxiety
Heal Heart Conditions

When you receive the treatment you are fully clothed and relaxed upon a shiatsu table or shiatsu futon.

An acupressure point (acupoint) is a small energy centre, in a tiny area of your skin that measures significantly lower electrical resistance than other areas of skin. These points have higher concentrations of receptors, sensitive to mechanical stimulation via tapping, massaging, holding, needling, moxa, or via distance by healing only what’s required when you need it, sending electromagnetic signals to your body.

When stimulated specific acupressure points send signals to areas of the brain associated with emotions including your glands. The body then heals itself!

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