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Paul Kenny Music Australia Arts & Entertainment

Special Edition CD (2x CD Set) NOW Available.

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Paul Kenny is one of the most successful Composers of Instrumental Music with over 100 Music Albums and Solos to his credit. Millions of people worldwide listen to Pauls music in their homes, businesses, resorts, coffee shops, health retreats, child care centres, aged care and hospitals as well as mental health. Paul has also Produced Music for Productions, Film Projects, CD, DVD, and Documentaries and has been a Music Teacher and Educator for over 35 years. Composer – Music Producer – Concert Artist – Pianist Conductor – Music Arranger – Orchestrator – Author Music Teacher – Educator – Online Music Tutor A Lifetime in Music… Paul Kenny started his musical career on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. While studying music Paul began performing in venues across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Paul has been involved with many artists performing in various bands, jazz bands, solo and duo performances for functions, weddings, session keyboard player in recording studios and major events also concert artist for several major piano brands. Paul has been a music teacher, performer and composer for over 35 years with many of his students continuing studies to be professional musicians, church organists, private music teachers or school music teachers in Australia and also overseas. Pauls beautiful compositions have touched the hearts and minds of millions of people from around the world. Composing and recording at his recording studio located on the beautiful North West Coast of Tasmania Australia, Paul is at the cross-road of two worlds. Advanced recording technology combine with the ‘Sounds of Nature’ to produce inspirational music that is able to take you on a journey of relaxation, magic and discovery. Nature sounds are recorded on location in hidden rainforests areas and untouched ocean beaches located in Australia. Music is then composed to enhance the atmospheric sounds of nature. This inspirational music can be referred to as ‘Inspirational New Age Relaxation Music’, a special blend of melodies, harmonies and rhythms to stir your emotions and lift your soul to new heights. Nature sounds are recorded in 3D Spatial Sound for an enhanced listening experience. Paul Kenny is an extraordinarily diverse composer drawing on a wide range of influences incorporating an almost classical like melody and more experimental digital influences within his music leading to an innovative style of truly inspirational and a magical style of music. Music defines the way in which people live, love, breathe and worship. Music is at the heart of all life. Music is in the sounds of nature… the sound of the wind, the sound of the waves, the sound of the world turning. Music is the pulse of life, it is the heartbeat of everything. Music has been used in worship since the dawn of time. The essence of life is music. Music can take you on a wonderful journey. Tranquil music which inspires and uplifts with the sound of nature is something that truly takes you to another place and time. Music is truly an international spiritual language. ​(Media Release 2010 & Spiritual Guide to Music 2nd Edition)​ Paul now lives on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia. The perfect relaxed lifestyle Tasmania offers is simply a beautiful place where Paul composes and records his unique style of music. Paul also has a Music School and Education Centre for Children and Adults. Paul teaches Piano, Pipe Organ, Keyboard, Music Theory, Composing, Recording, MIDI, Arranging, Orchestration and also Mentors Artists, Groups and Vocalists. Paul is also able to help you record your song in his studio and act as the Music Producer for your Projects. Paul can then take your music to the next level by promoting it and making it available on iTunes and many other music platforms worldwide. Make music part of your life today. www.PaulKenny.com www.paulkennymusic.com The Music of Paul Kenny can be found under various digital music profiles. “Paul Kenny” – “Paul J Kenny” “Wilderness Studios Australia” – “Wilderness Sounds Australia” “The Wellness Sounds”