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Operations will begin from Oct 4th 2020.

Trial Instructional Flight – Tandem Paragliding Flight
Strap yourself to a stranger for an exhilarating Tandem Paragliding Flight.
We fly from Brighton just outside of Hobart with views of Mt Wellington. As well as
Single Hill near Seven Mile beach on Hobart’s eastern shore. Our hills are from
133m to 160m and so we rely on a smooth air flow to lift us off and allow for a gentle
soar to ensure your flight is enjoyable.
The paraglider is launched by your instructor, within a few paces you find yourself
lifted skyward with an unobstructed view of the spectacular scenery of Tasmania. It’s
an experience you’ll never forget. Flights are from 10 minutes to a soaring flight of
20-30 minutes.
▪ 10 min short flights, $160
▪ Extended soaring flight (20-30 mins), $210
Video footage can also be purchased for an additional $10 (using a GoPro 7) or feel
free to take your own video.
*Using your phone is at your own risk and Paragliding Tasmania takes no responsibility for loss of
Watch a short Tandem Video. https://youtu.be/t0lLYm4SOnU
Bookings are essential, Call 0478902850 or Email Bookings to
Paragliding Tasmania is a satellite training facility operating under Bright Flight
Paragliding and is an approved SAFA facility.
Our instructors are all certified with the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia to
conduct your Tandem Flight Experience.