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Pallendesigns Furniture & Home

  • Sole trader designer maker

Artist biography

Soon after becoming a Mechanical Engineer in 1994 I was gifted severe head injury in 1994. I’d always had an interest in furniture designing and making, and in doing things better than the nasty disposable rubbish of some brands! Wondering what on earth I was going to do next, I discovered a course in Wood Design TAFE in Hobart, and found not only acceptance of my short-comings but also great encouragement in testing new processes. This led to starting a Fine Arts in Furniture, and with self-taught CAD as a design tool found myself excited in possibilities. From asymmetrical aluminium and Huon Pine coffee table to the 3-legged Preying Mantis Coffee/dining Table; the Mantis 4-bar-linkage dresser, the Waveform Coffee Tables and even the 8-seater Waveform Shark Table Dining Setting, my imagination felt closer to my grasp.

My latest – and by far the largest! – commission was the Salamanca Courtyard Redevelopment project 2020, designing and making outdoor dining tables and benches all from Celery-Top Pine – actually my first outdoor furniture project!