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Our farming story began with a taste of bacon at a farmers’ market in the heart of London.  It was a taste that took us back to when we were kids, to what food tasted like then.  It was like eating bright colours when other food was monochrome.

We followed the journey of that bacon.  We didn’t know much about farming, we just knew that we wanted to grow great tasting food and connect people to the place it was grown.  That journey led us to a neglected apple orchard in Geeveston.  We made mistakes.  Lots.  But we persevered and now we are growing food of which we are proud.  Our food has flavour.  We love our animals and our environment.  We grow food that we want our kids to eat, that connects our community and makes the land better.

We raise truly free range rare breed pigs in grassy paddocks.  We use our sheep as orchard lawn mowers.  Our cattle improve our soils and sequester carbon.  Our apples and apple juices are 100% certified organic.  And everything we do is backed up with our commitment to transparency.  We don’t hide anything and we love having our customers come to the farm and see how we produce the food we grow.

When you buy the food we grow you not only get real flavour but a connection to our land.  You become our mates.  We call it Our Mates’ Farm because it’s your farm too.