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  • Face-to-face interviews can be conducted and we will apply Covid-safe social distancing; if you prefer, we can arrange a telephone interview(s) (or Zoom).

Everyone has a story to tell.

On the Record, established in Hobart in 2017, is all about you! We’re here to bring your story, told by you – in your own words – to life through digitally recorded and transcribed interviews.

How many times have you said to yourself, “I am going write about my life one day,” or, “I must ask mum and dad to write their memoirs”… but that one day remains in the distant future? Life gets in the way, and you simply cannot find the time, or may not have the expertise, to write or tell your own story. It might seem so overwhelming that it gets put in the too-hard basket. And then… it is too late.

On the Record is about people and helping them to create the story or stories that make up their lives. It’s not complicated or fussy. We’re not about re-writing War and Peace (although we can write a book, too).


Start at the start and gather the facts.

We start with simple Q&A – we ask, you tell.  We’ll ask you the questions – in the comfort of your own home (or venue of your choosing – as long as we can perfectly record you). You are the storyteller. At the end of the interview process, you will receive a copy of the digital recording (your voice) and a transcript of the interview(s).


How long will it take?

How long it takes is dependent on the scope or frame of reference for the project. It may cover a short period of time or era, say, time spent at university, or one’s recollections of a first job or of a particular situation. Anything, really. We have found even the most reluctant interviewees hard to stop once they get going! Writing a life story can be laborious; talking about it is much easier.

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