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MTK Nutrition Health & Beauty

As a nutritionist, my role is to support clients to achieve health goals through helping the body return to homeostasis. Balance in the body through dietary intervention, helping to meet the vitamin and mineral needs of the body and testing for deficiencies to support gut health, managing body composition, children’s health, reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels, sleep support and general health and wellbeing. A key focus of my practice is to focus on real food to maximise health benefits, so let’s talk food.

I’m currently supporting clients with Telehealth consults from the comfort of your home. If ever there was time to review your health concerns and how food can play a big part in that, now is the time! I also have an option for a free 15 min consult over the phone so you can ask questions and get an idea if this service is for you without having to pay a fee.

I sell a range of gut health related products in clinic and happy to discuss with you any information and organise delivery straight to your door. 


Check out the website, facebook and Insta and I look forward to suporting you with your health goals,

Lori trevallyn