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  • Bookings need to be made the day prior to the intended tour, by phone, with payment by credit card. There will be six tours per day, with eight places (and two guides) on each tour at Marakoopa Cave. Please note that tours of King Solomon’s cave are currently unavailable.  To book phone 6363 5182.

Marakoopa Cave is home to a starry display of glow worms and a huge cavern known as the Great Cathedral, which reverberates song with perfect clarity. Two streams flow through the cave and the sound of running water follows you throughout.

The Mole Creek Caves are home to a range of fascinating animals that exist in this unique and lightless underground environment, including cave spiders, harvestmen and crickets.

Be sure to allow an extra 15 minutes to enjoy the enchanting Fernglade Walk from the ticket office parking area to the Marakoopa Cave entrance.