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  • Snails require at least 5 days of starving before being delivered.

Breeder and grower of gourmet, free range, chemical free Escargots. Produced in a pristine region of south east Tasmania.

The idea of growing snails for escargots has been many years in the making. Commencing 3 years ago, the snail farm has been established on our bush property, South East of Hobart, Tasmania, overlooking the Derwent estuary which has never been used for any agricultural activity until now. Linking historical and current French connections with Tasmania, La Perouse Escargots was born.

If we were going to produce a gourmet product, we knew it had to fit into the clean, green image of Tasmania and to have a biological production system which includes growing vegetation chemically free and using mostly rainwater. The size and number of snails has been the majority of our focus thus far.

Drawing from the Italian free-range style of production and following a visit last year to the International Snail Institute in Cherasco, Italy, we have been refining the types of vegetation to grow for food, as well as install new helix netting from Italy, to prevent our ‘produce’ from going too far from home!

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