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King Island Distillery is the story of a resourceful solopreneur on an island, determined to establish a product that proudly matches with the existing, high quality brand King Island is renowned for. Island life naturally needs an attitude of waste minimisation, and this underpins many of the choices Heidi Weitjens makes.


Heidi’s vision is to make every person who tastes her products fall obsessively head over heels into a lifelong romance with King Island. Because what do people do when they’re obsessively in love? They can’t stop thinking about it, they will tell anyone who will listen about it, and they’ll do whatever they can to get more time with the subject of their love.


An Islander all her life, Heidi is passionate about supporting, showcasing and growing King Island. Heidi’s business is built on a clear purpose and vision to bring artisan, hand crafted spirits made with the finest, local ingredients to locals, visitors and people across Australia.


Despite being a young business, King Island Distillery has enjoyed success and continual growth thanks to Heidi’s unwavering commitment to customer happiness. “Happy Heidi” firmly believes in the circle of happiness: Happy>fuel for creativity>unique, irresistible products that people love>all the good things that come from that>She’s happy. 


While growth has been good, Heidi is clear there is a cap on the level of growth she wants to experience. She believes true, artisan spirits made with a labour of love cannot be mass produced. Heidi’s brand is firmly focused on quality and exclusivity, as well as getting to know her customers, and creating products that they not only deeply desire, but can’t get anywhere else. 


She wants to create a collective love and admiration for King Island that extends well beyond a quick visit. Working in collaboration with local suppliers for her ingredients, Heidi’s success means success for other Islanders, as well as raising the profile of King Island across Australia. She feels that every Australian business has a responsibility to provide fuel for the patriotic fire in people’s bellies. The more we feel emotionally attached to local products, the more we will resist foreign competitors and collectively create a more resilient Australia.


Through beautifully crafted spirits that capture the essence of King Island and make people fall in love with it, again and again.