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Island Imprints – A collaboration between artist Prue Hutton and knitting designer Sally Ord

The name reflects our thoughts on how, as individuals, we relate to our island, Tasmania. It encapsulates those indelibly printed experiences that form a sense of place: visits to favourite destinations, happy childhood memories, trips and life experiences. They form a part of who we are.

Prue and Sally have combined their talents in the books “Maria, voyages in design – art to knits” and “Mountain, inspirations from the wild – art to knits”.

Prue has had a career as an art teacher and now responds to her surroundings through the written accounts and artworks found in “Maria” and “Mountain”. She enjoys integrating drawing and printmaking techniques with collage and artist’s book skills.

Sally is a knitwear designer. Incorporating techniques and details together with careful stitch, yarn and colour selection, make her exquisite designs unique. She enjoys the challenge of relating design to the environment, journeys and stories of each book.

Together, they have melded their special skills to create exciting, visually appealing books relating their design interpretation of the island. 

They offer workshops providing opportunities to share their skills with the community.

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