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Island by Design is an innovative artisan Tasmanian décor company which originated from our love of our State and interest in home décor.  We are proud of our initial product, which is our beautiful selection of candles.   Our candles are hand made with Tasmanian beeswax, which will assist the cleansing of your atmosphere, with our clients in mind.  The combination of the wonderful aroma of Tasmanian beeswax and specially chosen scents are a reminder of Tasmania and the warm light of candles makes them a perfect gift for everyone.

Island by Design has been a labour of love, commenced out of the enjoyment I myself have gained from burning beautifully scented candles in my home and being able to share this enjoyment with others.  We offer a variety of speciality candles for our customers to select from and share with family and friends.

– Island by Design scents Include:          

– Lime and Sandalwood                 

– Coffee & Vanilla

– Just Peppermint                

– Fig & Apple

– Apple & Cinnamon

– Eucalyptus and Lemon                            

In addition, beeswax candles have other benefits:

·  Beeswax candles burn up to 10 times longer than paraffin candles

·  Medium  –  35 Hours and Large – 55 Hours

·  Beeswax candles are an environmentally-friendly, renewable light source

·  It is said that beeswax candles purify the air by emitting negative ions