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  • e-RAW is focused on corporate businesses across Australia and New Zealand, however if your organisation is based in Tasmania, let's talk.

e-RAW stands for Eat Right at Work and is an online business providing e-learning modules to ensure your employees stay fit, active and healthy at work (even when working from home). e-RAW has online e-learning modules to help your employees ‘re-set’ and change their lifestyle and behaviours.  It’s not hard, but with 75% of us due to be overweight or obese by 2025 we need to start now! A healthy employee is three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.  Look around: is everyone in your organisation fit, active and healthy?  Our experience is: NO.  Many organisations also have KPR issues (key person risk) where the CEO, Founder, Executive Officer etc are overweight or obese – this is a significant risk to your business, as is the Payroll Officer, the IT Help Desk guru … everyone needs to stay fit, active and healthy in the workplace.  Let us help. www.e-RAW.com.au