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  • Your most certified Tasmanian Covid 19 cleaning company, we have statewide coverage for all of our services

Disaster Master is a 100% Tasmanian owned and operated business, a division of Specialist Cleaners and Best Clean Carpet Cleaning started in 2007. We are your specialist when it comes to water damage/floods from burst pipes, storms, washing machine leaks etc. We are also Fire & smoke/odour restoration specialists. Our specialist cleaners branch is highly trained and experienced in hoarders & Squalor, death cleans, needles & sharps decon, forensic cleaning which includes GBAC certification in Covid-19 decontamination, we believe we are the most qualified and experienced forensic cleaners in Tasmania with certification from one of Americas most highly regarded training institutes. We find that more and more mainland companies are advertising here  but are based on the mainland when it comes to forensic work, they in turn call us to subcontract so we are asking you to see where the company is located before appointing anyone, call your local Tasmanian first directly! Also we are seeing so many mainland restorers appearing here in Tasmania taking much needed work from locals and sending all the profits to the mainland. As a Tasmania local business we employ Tasmanian’s and we spend locally too. If you have water or fire damage insist your insurer send a local Tasmanian, we own and run our business here in Tasmania, our skills, equipment and experience are just as good if not better but we include local knowledge with genuine Tasmanian friendliness and service. We can bill your insurance direct and have been doing this for many years. We work for you not the insurance company and as such we have your best interests in mind, we wont cut corners to keep them happy but instead make you aware of all possible issues so as not to jeopardize the structural integrity of your investment. check out our websites or call us anytime, although our head office is on the NW Coast we service the entire north of Tasmania from Smithton to Launceston to St Helens