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Cripps Nubake is Tasmania’s leading plant bakery. The company’s heritage goes back to 1878 when the first commercial bakery was opened at 91 Elizabeth Street Hobart by William Cripps.

William Cripps was born on the 3/12/1857 and died 7/10/1944. Williams obituary stated that he was recognized as the leader in the installation of machinery for the hand of flour for the formation of baking.

As the population of Hobart Town grew, William moved his bakery to bigger premises at 99 & 101 Elizabeth Street and from these premises he never looked back. William had many sons who followed in their Fathers trade as bakers. Around 1945 the business was growing at such a rate that a new bigger and state of the art modern bakery was built at 269 Argyle Street and Cripps Bakery operated from there until 1969 when the ownership changed to Consolidated Foods. During the early years Cripps purchased a number of bakeries, such as Spencers Bakery which was established by Henry Brock in 1838 and taken over by Robert Spencer in 1890. This bakery operated from the lower end of Maquarie Street next door to the old Prince Picture theatre. At the time of the merger with Cripps, Spencers Derwent Bakery was Australias oldest bakery. Other bakeries that were amalgamated into Cripps were Continental Bakery South Hobart, Fishers Bakery West Hobart and Olympic Bakery in Derwent Park.


Cripps Bakery was still delivering bread in the old horse and cart up until the late 1960’s

In 1971 Cripps Bakery and Nut Brown Bakery amalgamated and operated from a much bigger premises at Swallows Parade Glenorchy The company has evolved over the years with various owners until Cripps Nubake was launched in November 1997. This was the result of a merger of 3 regional bakeries, Cripps-Hobart, Nubake-Launceston and Bass-Cooee. Over the years Cripps has been owned and operated by companies such as Consolidated Foods (Dicky Baker), Gadsens the tin makers, HolyMonds Affleck who operated Flour Mills in Tasmania, Hedley Harris (Nubake Bakery Launceston), Pivot Ltd and our present owners Roslyndale.

Cripps Nubake has operations in both Hobart and Launceston and manufactures and distributes a large range of baked products including bread, crumpets, rolls, buns and muffins to the Tasmanian market along with Shortbread and Anzacs Biscuits, which are produced at our Launceston facility and are distributed Nationally as well as to various overseas markets.

Cripps Nubake has been heavily involved in the development of food quality systems including gaining HACCP Certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and WVQMS Accreditation (Woolworths Vendor Quality Management System). In total, Cripps Nubake services approximately 1,200 customers.

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