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Arborist, miller, and creative artisan, Alan lives in North East Tasmania, creating unique hand-crafted Tasmanian grown timber end-grain cutting and serving boards for discerning home-makers and prestigious giftware.

Timbers are ethically salvaged from house and paddock trees, natives and exotics, unsuitable for commercial millers. Otherwise burned or left to rot, they are perfect for a resourceful craftsperson with a portable sawmill.

Alan is a full-time father, his baby son accompanying his activities. His pleasure and relaxation is to create each piece by selecting and playing with the natural grain and quirks of the timber.

These cutting and serving boards are useful and durable works of art that will outlive the owner and be used by following generations, becoming a family heirloom. The beauty of the timber and quality of Alan’s workmanship make these boards a highly desirable and practical gift or possession.