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ABOUT 1+2 We love Tasmania. We know this place. We understand its diverse moods, landscapes, elements and climate. We work here, live here, and raise our families here.  Our understanding and connection to this island is the filter through which we see everything we do. It informs every project, and it inspires us to employ the highest design values to create buildings that make a positive difference to this place and the people within it.   APPROACH Our approach is one of enquiry and curiosity – an investigative process that deeply explores design and function, individual vision, and greater good. We apply our knowledge of place, climate, landscape, and culture along with our understanding of the materials that will sit in harmony with the unique environments of Tasmania. We seek out new and flexible approaches to each project, working closely and in partnership with our clients to realise their vision and see projects through to completion. And we have established relationships with skilled local consultants and builders who understand and embrace the values by which we work.    BUILDINGS We create durable, athletic buildings that have longevity and soul. Natural, robust materials embrace the Tasmanian climate and create structures that provide nurture and comfort within, protection and resilience without.  Our buildings are well informed and intelligent, shaped to exist in harmony within their particular environment to respect and embrace Tasmania’s natural values and cultural heritage.  We employ new technologies to revive and preserve older buildings and infuse them with 21st Century meaning and functionality. And we design crisp new buildings that dwell easily alongside Tasmania’s precious heritage.  1+2 buildings draw thoughtfully upon the challenging, complex, and precious elements of our past, while confidently and optimistically expressing contemporary and future values.   CLIENTS Architecture is a creative and collaborative endeavor. We love working with people who share our passion for high design values and who understand the potential and positive impact of intelligently designed and built places. Our clients share our passion for questioning and exploring, and for engaging in the architectural process in a deep, more complex and rewarding way.   CULTURE The culture and ethos of 1+2 is conversational and inclusive. We have an open, family-friendly workplace that respects and cares for our people and invites and welcomes relationship and collaboration with our clients and colleagues. We contribute to our local architectural community and the broader architectural discourse, and we support the growth and development of our community through our involvement in tertiary education, mentoring, and workplace integrated learning.  

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